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At ARRO Helmets, our unwavering commitment to enhancing safety standards in equestrian sports is at the core of our mission. We recognize the crucial role of incorporating technological advancements and safety measures from various sports into equestrian riding.


Our goal is to equip riders with the safest and most advanced equestrian helmet available in the market. Through extensive research and rigorous testing, we have engineered a patented helmet design that features a detachable chin bar/guard and visor. This innovative design combines top-tier industry safety standards, including Snell, with MIPS technology, providing riders with unparalleled protection. 


As a privately-owned company managed by riders, our focus extends beyond profit margins. Both safety and aesthetics take centre stage in our design and development process. While we understand that no helmet can completely eliminate the risk of injuries, our aim is to instil confidence in riders, enabling them to pursue their equestrian passion with the knowledge that they are equipped with the best helmet possible. 


With six patents spanning over 150 countries, ARRO Helmets brings a unique and patented product to the market, delivering unparalleled safety and peace of mind to riders worldwide. 


The foundation of ARRO Helmets lies in personal experience and a deep commitment to bolster rider safety. Our founder, Rhys, suffered a C3 injury from a fall while riding in March 2018, which fueled his determination to prevent similar incidents. This personal connection strengthens our dedication to safeguarding riders as if they were our own family. After five years of extensive research, rigorous testing, and multiple design iterations later, ARRO Helmets came into being. The name ARRO represents the founder's family: Antoinette (wife), Rhys (founder), Ryder (youngest son), and Owen (eldest son). This personal connection reinforces our dedication to safeguarding riders as if they were our own family. 


At ARRO, the safety and comfort of riders are our highest priorities. We are devoted to designing helmets that not only offer superior protection but also ensure peace of mind. Our objective is to enable you to enjoy your horseback riding experiences, confident that your safety is best entrusted to ARRO Helmets. 



Patent Designs

EU Design No. 008918742-0001
EU Design No. 008918742-0002
EU Design No. 008918742-0003
UK Design No. 6198725
UK Design No. 6198726

UK Design No. 6198727
China Pending Design No. 202230165382.9
New Zealand Pending Design No. 429493
New Zealand Pending Design No. 430799
US Pending Design No. 29/832173

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