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A properly fitted helmet is essential to riding safely.

Here's how to determine your helmet size:

How to use ARRO Liner & Shims for the perfect fit

When putting a helmet on, we are looking to get ‘the lock’. This is a sensation of the helmet latching and gripping onto the back of your head, which means it is on properly, secure and safe.

  1. Hair should ideally be worn in a low pony tail (if applicable)

  2. Place your forehead into the front of the helmet

  3. Using a rolling motion, push backwards to feel the helmet lock into the base of the skull.

  4. Run a finger around the rim of the helmet to check for gaps or loose points. If there is any movement or gaps you may need to adjust the shims.

  5. Tie the back laces to secure helmet to the back of the head, and then adjust the chin strap so it's secure underneath your chin. 

For assistance finding the perfect ARRO helmet for you, find out more about our Personalized Fitting service with Jeanie Clarke.

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